About Me

Hi! I’m Joan MacDonald (aka: Joanzie Losey). Thanks for stopping by.

People always say I have such interesting “Stories”.  So when you have a cup of coffee (or wine) in your hands and want to be entertained, Hopefully my posts to come will do so.

About me: I am 49 (I have decided to stay this age, forever).  Born & Raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  I have one sister whome I love to the moon and back and will write more about her courageous life and beautiful “Ohana”.  My DAD who when not globe-trotting around the world, resides still in Hawaii with a lifestyle of sailing, sewing and… (I will write more about My Hero/My Dad in a future BLOG entry).

I Moved to Canada when I was still naive enough to think that… Halifax, Nova Scotia was “just like Hawaii”.  The people were the same, friendly and happy, which helped me to overlook the freezing temperatures and white winters.  Lets just say the novelty has worn off and I am ready to move back home to Oahu.

25 something years later, I am thankful and happily still married 🙂 to a handy Cape Bretoner husband by the name of “Gus” (or Gut as my mom once called him).  Also thankful to be blessed with 3 Beautiful, Smart & Amazing Daughters… 
Along with a house full of animals – 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 grandPIG, Jamo the Micro Pig who visits when his mom is home from University.

I own my own business, which I started over 18 years now Daydreams Fitness Wear.  And am now ready to hand the torch over to anyone willing to give it the high standard of love and attention to quality and customer service.

Thank you for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions about anything 🙂
And now on to my “STORIES

Joan MacDonald