You are asking… Why Amputation?


At age of 17 I was diagnosed with Trauma Induced Osteoarthritis in my right ankle.   I was told that by age 25 the ankle would need to be fused.  Being the stubborn person I was, I pushed through the pain and limitations till now.   I worked hard at staying fit (somewhat) and making it to semi regular chiropractic ankle adjustments.

can i buy Prozac for my dog What caused the Osteoarthritis?

When I was 5 years old I was hit by a car outside my home in Kaneohe Hawaii.  All the kids from our street were playing “chase master” (tag), and I did not want to be “it”.  I ran into the road without looking both ways…  When the car hit me all I can remember is the silver chrome on the front fender.   My foot was stuck under the tire as they slammed on the breaks, dragging the foot and myself for about 10 feet.  My neighbor ( go to link my Uncle Mike)  thankfully knew how and  was able to perform CPR, which started my heart back up and kept me going untill the ambulance came.  I am forever grateful for him saving my life.

Unfortunately my parents were sailing in between the islands and unable to be in the hospital for the initial surgery.  My parents had to be called on a CB radio to give permission to operate and it was crucial that the surgery was done quickly after the accident.  I must also add that the accident was a hit and run, although the driver eventually stopped a block away.  I was in the hospital for 3 months as they rebuilt my foot/ankle and taught me how to walk again.

I have been living with chronic pain for many years now.  This year as I am facing my 50th birthday, I am lucky to have the option to be pain free and have mobility once again.  I have dragged this foot along with me for 44 years.  I have the option now to get a new life by getting a new foot and I am going for it. I will be able to walk where and how long I want to, even run.  I will be able to live a “normal” life, without having to be drugged up at night to ease the pain that walking has caused.


I have done a lot of travelling and never complained.  This winter I will undergo a very serious but necessary surgery.  Below the knee amputation. It will not be easy.  It will be a long and hard recovery. There are chances of complications.  But… I am ready.  I have and am doing everything I can to get my body and mind ready for this adventure.

  • Working with a trainer to work specific muscles and body movements that will be required in my future.
  • Attending acupuncture appointments to keep body energy flowing.
  • Working with a Holistic Nutritionist (Jessie Deek RHN) to get in a healthy eating routine.
  • Working with a Naturopath (Dr. Guy) to ensure my body is naturally firing on all 4 cylinders before and after the surgery, including Vitamin IV treatments.
  • Working with a Life Coach (Catherine Hull) to ensure I have goals and plans to look forward to especially during the hard times.
  • Chosen the best Orthopedic surgeon in Canada 🙂 (Dr. Lalonde), head of the orthopedic department at the Ottawa General Hospital.
  • Met with Rehab specialist (Dr. Dudek) to ensure my body is a good candidate for the surgery and the prosthetic foot to come, and to let her know my goals so that she can plan the approperite rehabilitation physio program after the surgery and wound healing.
  • Reading and researching along with looking at the Pros and Cons.  My favourite blog to date is “Life Beyond 4 Limbs“.  Amazing story and attitude of the author.

So my story now restarts HERE!