Q. What was it like growing up in Hawaii


No rules.

No shoes.

No worries.

At least that is what I believed till I left the islands.  Sure there were hard times… like when Da Bus broke down on the North shore and we were sandy and salty and needed to get home to shower.  Or, when after the 1st month of grade 7 I realized I had shoes that I left in my class on day 1.  Or having to decide every day to get off the bus for school or go surfing, when the title of the bus said “Around the Island”…

Yes I missed a lot of school.  And yes i regret that.  But that is the only regret I have… Well also toilet papering my high school after the dance, that wasn’t bright.  Or sneaking into the ice machines to “borrow” large blocks of ice, to go ice blocking (down hill sliding, Hawaii style) at the golf course at 1:00 a.m. in the morning.

I did have a great childhood.  Grew up as a KYC brat (kid member at the Kaneohe Yacht Club).  Sailed to outer islands about once a year.  We took the boat for family camping at the sandbar in the middle of the bay for special holidays.   Riding my bike to the bowling alley with quarters in my pocket to play Pacman and Donkey Kong.

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