Hello world! (Blog 1)

Welcome to my Blog!

I have been designing custom fit Bikinis for over 18 years now.   www.DaydreamsFitnessWear.com
That is what I do, but not who I am…  Which is why I am starting my blog.  Time to get back to who I am.

A BIG event is going to happen this year for me.  At the end of February I will be undergoing surgery to “rectify” a problem I have had with my foot for over 45 years now.  More to come on that.  But that means I will not be a able to work for a good 3 months and wondering if I want to go back to the grind stone of running my business.

I am also turning 50 in April and need to find another adventure to spend my time on. So here I blog.

Time is too short, there are mountains to climb, countries to visit, family to visit, restaurants to try, pigs to pet 🙂

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